Faces and Voices of Story-to-Song

These are the faces and voices of people

I have worked with to shape their stories into song.

Alfredo Hernandez, Dorchester, Massachusetts

Amy McVickers, Prescott, Arizona

Eva Einarsdottir, Prescott, Arizona

Lori Simon-Rubinowitz and Mother, Maryland and Michigan

Mary Kaye and Gene O’Neill, Prescott, Arizona

Born to fly

Eleanor Nicolás

Eleanor Nicolás, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This House Feels Like A Home




BD, Prescott, Arizona

Because She Isn’t Me

Cohort 8, 7, and 5, Prescott College PhD Program, Prescott, Arizona

Pushing The Edge

Graduation Song

Malcolm Brooks

Malcolm Brooks, Rockport, Maine

The Spider Song

My Eyes Are Looking At The Moon


Philanthropists honored by Greater Lowell Community Foundation, Lowell, Massachusetts

That’s What My Heart Tells Me To Do

Whaling Oral Histories, New Bedford, Massachusetts

We Would All Walk Home

Seamen’s Bethel

These Are Not Just Names

Julie Kirschbaum

Julie Kirschbaum, Lowell, Massachusetts

Every year

Vladimir Saldaña

Vladimir Saldaña, Lowell, Massachusetts

I trusted him

Christina Tulum

Massasoit Community College

Professor Christina Tulum and Massasoit Community College students,

Brockton, Massachusetts

Valentine’s (Cupid never lies)


Chhavy and Vytha Sinuon, Lowell, Massachusetts

Wake up, Vytha

Ina Coveney Massachusetts

Ina Coveney

Happily Ever After


Mickey Cockerell (pictured middle), “Catie’s Closet,” Massachusetts

These Are The Cards

Pradeep Aradhya Massachusetts

Pradeep Aradhya

Valentine’s Song

Mickey Cockerell

EntrepreneurshipforAll (EforAll), Lowell, Massachusetts

Christina’s Song

Liza Sister and Neighbor Lowell

Liza Dale-Hallett (pictured right with her sister and neighbor in Lowell, MA), Australia (Song composed in Montréal)

I Need to Feel This Place

Vulnerability and Breath Workshop

Prescott College students and faculty, Prescott, Arizona

I’m Being Seen

Jenny Finn

Jenny Finn

Jenny Finn, Floyd, Virginia

I Feel Like I Am Grieving

Barbara Gagel

Barbara Gagel, Lowell, Massachusetts

What A Child Would Do


The Workers Remember,” Factory Worker Oral Histories, Lowell, Massachusetts

No Fans

Four Pennies

Rainy Day Song

I Was A Mill Worker

You Are The Lucky One

The Stones of Lowell Canals

I Would Do It All Again

Better Off With The Union

The Ghosts of Lowell


Lowell kids

Lowell kids, Lowell, Massachusetts

The Happy Song (Bria’s Song)

Friends Song

Fantastic Flags

Mobile Song

Lowell Song

Jen Burns Billerica Massachusetts

Jen Burns, Billerica, Massachusetts

City to Remember

Krystal Vezina

Krystal Vezina, Lowell, Massachusetts

There’s A Man

Jen Nafzgar India

Jen Nafzgar, Homer, Alaska

I Can’t Believe I Made It There

MVTE Lowell Massachusetts

Merrimack Valley Time Exchange, Lowell, Massachusetts

Tic Toc

Rubby Wuabu Boston Massachusetts

Rubby Wuabu

Pick A Side

Dan MacNeil

Dan MacNeil, Lowell, Massachusetts

Pick Me

Dirkje and Anja Legerstee, Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Song of Survival

Jessie Soder Gustavus Alaska

Jessie Soder, Gustavus, Alaska

Snow Angels

Rosemary Logan Flagstaff Arizona

Rosemary Logan

Rosemary Logan, Flagstaff, Arizona

Canyon Song


Marieke Slovin, Brussels, Belgium

The Preschool Song

Nowhere is Home

Free in the Moment

Size Doesn’t Matter

A Month of Music (AMOM) Project: 30 Songs in 30 Days

We’ll Be Happy

Long Distance Song

Shadow in the Dark


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary Jane says:

    Beautiful work, Marieke! And all the amazing people you’ve met by retelling their stories through your music! So my lyrics are ready to meet your music, sounds like a marriage proposal but it isn’t, I promise:)))). You wouldn’t want to do this to music. PS. This week is Poetry Week celebration in Flanders & Netherlands, just in time:)!

    1. Thank you SO much, friend!! I feel like each story a person shares with me is a very precious gift, and I do my best to help create a beautiful song with their words. I am very much looking forward to lifting your words into song! Happy Poetry Week! How auspicious indeed. Dankjewel for your sharing such a lovely comment and for visiting this site. ❤ ❤

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