About Guiding Song

“The greatest gift you can give the world is to tell your truth.”

~ Cheryl Walters

Welcome to Guiding Song!

My name is Marieke Slovin Lewis. I hold a PhD in Sustainability Education from Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona. I am a musician, writer, editor, yogi, and creative guide. I created the organization Guiding Creativity to house my many creative offerings to the world.

Guiding Song is an offshoot of this organization. Through Guiding Song, I write music with people from their stories, using a method of songwriting I developed called Story-to-Song (STS). STS is a variation on the folk music tradition of writing songs from stories. It is a collaborative process, wherein a person is invited to share a story from their life and I work with them to guide the story into a song.

To learn about this songwriting method, visit: Origins of Story-to-Song

To learn more about Guiding Song, visit: About Guiding Song

On the Move: Guiding Song is published!

Our music is featured in our new book, “On the Move: Poems and Songs of Migration”. A portion of the proceeds are donated each year to an organization that works with refugees and asylum seekers.

Migration Songs are highlighted in a Podcast

We are honored to have been invited to share our migration songs on Episode 9: Songs of Migration in Belgium for the podcast Crossings: The Refugee Experience in America. Special thanks to the host and developers of the podcast, Vincent Hostak and Janice Pugh Wohler.

Performing Migration Songs in Brussels

In this video, I perform the migration song “Never Give Up” with musician and composer, Pierre Michaud at Den Teirling in Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium in February 2020.

Celebrating the Participatory Arts

Guiding Song was thrilled to be shortlisted for the 2021 Amateo Arts Participation Award!

Marieke Slovin Lewis (left) and Sarah Reader Harris (right) at the Amateo award ceremony in Milan, Italy.

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