Let’s dance in the rain

We wrote this song in May 2017. It is song about learning to find joy in life even during the dark times. There were residents from Arabic and French-speaking countries in Africa. The lyrics were first written in French and then translated into English. The melody was written in part by the woman with whom we wrote the song “The Sun Will Come Again” and a man from Africa who also helped write the words and melody for the song “I’ll Meet You There.” This was also one of the songs we wrote after I started bringing a little bag of handheld rhythm instruments. I wanted everyone to feel like musicians, and I had the idea that giving each person an instrument would help them to embody this identity. If you listen to the recordings, you will hear the cowbell front and center. I eventually retired the cowbell because it was just too loud.

To read more about the writing of this song, visit Guiding Song: Sous la pluie

These are recordings from the center that show the process of writing the song:

Recording 1

Recording 2

Recording 3