A Month of Music

If these walls could talk

During my time in Lowell, I lived in an apartment on Dutton Street, which overlooked the Pawtucket canal. One of the interior walls in my building had once been the exterior wall of the candle shop next door and had what was called a ghost sign painted on it. After some research, I determined the painted imaged was from an old advertisement for Nabisco crackers. This apartment was one of my favorite of all the places I have lived because it held such meaning in its very walls. It was also a time in my life when I began to fully embody the identity of an artist and to envision a life where I could be creative for a living.

A Month of Music: Speaking through my own walls

In the summer of 2012, I embarked upon a month long project where I wrote a song a day for 30 days. I called it “A Month of Music (AMOM)” My partner (now my husband) came up with the idea for this project because he knew my spirits were always lifted when I was creating. AMOM became a way for me to engage in the creative process every day. I would come home from work, sit down at my desk, and compose a short song. Just from that brief moment of creation, I had a feeling of accomplishment and that I had done something meaningful with my day. Over the course of the month, I wrote several short songs and a few longer ones, which have become some of my favorite songs to sing. Several of these songs became part of my repertoire for interpretive programs at Lowell National Historical Park.

  1. The Spider Song
  2. The Man Upstairs
  3. A Song for Zana
  4. Monday Blues
  5. Ode to Massachusetts
  6. Dutton Street
  7. Monsters
  8. Home
  9. Family
  10. The way that they do
  11. Upside Down
  12. Little Dogs
  13. Short Hair Blues
  14. The Meeting Blues
  15. Strange City
  16. Livin’ in Lowell
  17. Alone
  18. Searching for home
  19. The Ghosts of Lowell
  20. Kids Nowadays
  21. Life is a muddle
  22. Critters Everywhere
  23. The Stones of Lowell Canals
  24. Pick A Side
  25. Angry Song
  26. Every Night
  27. All Around the World
  28. Arwen
  29. Biological Clock
  30. I Can Only Be Myself
  31. Letting Go