Guiding Song Projects

Since creating the Story-to-Song (STS) method during my time as a doctoral student, I have written many songs and completed several songwriting projects. I have organized the songs according to theme. I am sharing links to songs by theme and projects on this, beginning with the most recent. You can also find all songs and projects by following the drop-down menu from “Guiding Song Projects” in the top right corner of the website page.

Click on the links below to learn about the story behind each song and to listen:

Creatures On the Move (in process)

Mondays On the Move (ongoing)

On the Move: Poems and Songs of Migration

Migration Songs Project (January 2017-March 2020)

New Bedford Whaling Songs Project

Lowell: The Workers Remember

Songs of the Self

Family Songs

Songs of Love and Loss

Songs from “A Month of Music” project