Break the code

We wrote this song in the company of the big, white husky, Atticus, who I had recently adopted. We gathered at the entrance to the refugee center because dogs were not allowed inside. Atticus came from Iran and understood only Farsi at this point. He was overjoyed when a resident from Iran passed by and spoke Farsi with him. You could see the recognition and relief in his entire being. He jumped up and gave the man a hug.

This lyrics for this song came from a man who, like many, came to Belgium alone with the hope of being able to eventually bring his family. Our friend Mohammed (I am the change) also came with this hope, and it took several years before he was granted asylum and then another year before his family was allowed to join him in Belgium.

How do I break the code and sing?

I need somebody to explain

I want someone to share my pain

Without my kids I’m not the same


I’m an immigrant from a foreign land

I’ve been there, too, I understand

Come walk with me, we’ll make a stand

Heart to heart and hand in hand



The past is past

I’m an optimist

The best if yet to come


To read more about the writing of this song, visit Guiding Song: Break the code

This is a recording of the chorus of the song:


This a recording of the entire song:


This is a video of me playing the song on a guitar a resident brought over to us. I also showed him how to play a few chords on the guitar: