Zindgi Sakhta [Life is hard]

This song was written on 20 March 2017 with residents at the asylum center and visitor Artur Bianchini from Italy. It is a shorter song, which I think could be expanded upon with a little more work. There is room for musical instruments to solo as well, particularly as the song has a kind of jazzy, blues feel to it.

The song is a chanting of the Dari phrase Zindgi Sakhta, which means Life is hard.

Zindgi Sakhta zindgi sakhta

Nobody can take my destiny from me

Zindgi Sakhta zindgi sakhta

Life is hard

To read more about the writing of this song, visit Guiding Song: Zindgi Sakhta

These are recordings from the center that show the process of writing the song:

This is a video that shows a moment in the process of the writing the song: