Guiding Song in the Media

Migratie Migration Museum ~ Foyer VZW

MigrationMuseumMigration: Bewogen festival

Fedasil Arrival Centre

Interlitratour Festival

Journée de la Poésie

The Bulletin on Bruzz

Radio Promo for Interlitratour 2020

Radio Promo

Prescott College Alum Profile

Marieke Slovin Lewis

The Bulletin ~ Brussels, Belgium

Story-to-Song: Songwriting with Refugees


House of European History

Europeana Migration Collection Day

Sharing stories to create art with refugees in Brussels

The Daily Courier ~ Prescott, Arizona

New Prescott Musician Uses Storytelling to Create Songs

Lowell Sun ~ Lowell, Massachusetts

Women Entrepreneurs Talked About Their Sandbox Experiences to Lowell Sun

Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur

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Chronicle: Lowell’s Brilliant Plan