When you cross the border

We wrote this song on 31 December 2019 with an asylum seeker called Samba from Gambia. He shared his story of traveling from Gambia across Senegal, Mali, and Burkina Faso. He traveled by truck through the Sahara to get into Libya from what he called “the back way.” His story shows just dangerous, expensive, and heart wrenching the journey of a refugee can be. All in search of what we believe every person should have the right to enjoy simply by virtue of being a human being: a safe and peaceful life.

It was a difficult song to write, and the story is heart wrenching. This is one of the songs for which we do not know the end of the story, but we hold hope in our hearts that Samba has been able to find sanctuary.

To read more about the writing of this song, visit: When you cross the border