The Fish Song

Visje visje

Swish swish swish

Poisson poisson

Fish fish fish!

Sarah and I spent a lot of time thinking about which creatures to include for our “Creatures On the Move” poetry and song project. We came up with a long list and creatures that moved through the world in the air, in the water, and on land. In thinking about the great oceans of the world and the many rivers, we thought of the Salmon.

The Salmon is a sacred creature and spends part of its life in freshwater and part of its life in saltwater. The Salmon come up against many challenges, and so they are creatures that inspire.

Here is a snippit about the Salmon from our book!

Did you know?

When salmon go out to sea, their bodies change color. Their backs turn a dark silver so predators from above like birds and fishermen cannot see them. Their bellies turn a light silver color so the sun shining through the water makes it hard for predators like seals and orca in the sea below to find them.

Salmon are found all over the world. They prefer cold water, which has more oxygen.

Salmon are also able to jump more than two meters (about 6.5 feet) high to get past rocks, waterfalls, and dams that get in their way.

How are you like a salmon?