I could be you, you could be me

We began working on this song with our friend Mohammed. Mohammed joins us periodically at the asylum center to catch up and practice gratitude for his life. The song took shape over the course of a couple of weeks on 10 and 17 December 2018. As often happens, Mohammed shared a long story about his experience leaving Gaza and coming to Belgium. He spoke about how a person can become free by thinking for themselves and that if we could walk together in the darkness, we could find that there is nothing to fear from the dark.

The chorus was then born from a discussion on the notion of the randomness of life, that any one of us could have been born somewhere else and had an entirely different reality. Sarah and I continued to work on the song the Monday after Mohammed joined us, and it has become one of our favorites to sing. There is a song in his original story, we have only to write it.

To read more about the writing of this song, visit Guiding Song: I could be you, You could be me

This is a video of Sarah talking about the chorus of the song:

This is a video of us singing the song at the asylum center: