Artist or Busk

Do you ever feel like you are in limbo?

In my post-doctorate life, I feel the weight of what comes next. It haunts me day in and day out.

When I ponder the question, it is clear in my mind what I would like to be doing, but the desire is a daunting one to attain.

A dear friend once told me that there is power in sharing one’s intention with the universe. There is also synchronicity. If you put your desire out there, the universe will respond. It may not respond in the ways you expect or anticipate, but there will be possibility, you have but to recognize it.

So, here is my desire, oh mighty universe:

I wish to become a performer.

I wish to do Story-to-Song composing.

I wish to be a writer and songwriter.

I wish to be a full-time artist.

I am not one to send out desire without and wait. I am far from patient.

So, in the spirit of synchronicity and making things happen, I am getting myself out there.

In downtown Lowell, there are now busking signs on many street corners. So, busk I will as often as I can.

There are open mics to be found in local bars, so open mic’ing I will go.


These are my passions and desires for being an artist.

I am also a scholar, and I will continue to write and reflect on my trials and tribulations, songwriting sessions, and song-performing experiences through autoethnography, performance ethnography, narrative inquiry, and arts based research.

And I will hope and send good thoughts and intentions way out there.


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