It’s getting serious!

For the past couple of years, Malcolm and I have been meeting once or twice a week via Google Hangout or Skype to talk about getting our songwriting business going or to work on compositions. In the past month, we started meeting every day. We would check in and discuss business strategies, potential products, who might be interested in songwriting, etc.

The important word from the previous sentence is “talk.” We talked. We talked a lot. We did not do a whole lot of songwriting, which is what inspired us to go into business together in the first place.

Many people have told us that when we perform and lead songwriting workshops together, there is magic. I feel that magic when we are in a room together. It is like time stands still and all that matters is the musical dance we are creating with everyone in the room with us.

I have to say that while we have succeeded in writing music via virtual internet connections, the magic created therein is not quite the same as when we are in close proximity.

So, the decision was made by each of us that it was time to dive in full-tilt. Malcolm will be headed west from Rockport, Maine to Prescott, Arizona in less than a week in order for us to do a big cannonball into a proverbial, metaphorical songwriting business swimming pool.

Stay tuned for updates on Malcolm’s travels in a series that I will be writing called “postcards from a traveling musician.”

And get ready to get wet!

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