Carte Postale no. 6: Tic Toc to Prescott

Malcolm has spent the past several days in Colorado, visiting with friends from our cohort at Prescott College. From Denver to Boulder to Durango, he tasted espresso and sat in a beautiful cathedral and beyond.

Update on animals: back in Rockport, on a morning before I departed, across the street perched the largest bird I have ever seen. He had a brown body and white head. Yesterday in the Rockies I saw the bluest bird I have ever seen. I know these pictures make it hard to find them, but if you look closely, they are there. The deer are readily visible in the photograph. The goat like creture I saw next to the road–well I was driving so I didn’t capture him. Same with a small black horse standing halfway up steep grassy hill. I could not figure out how he got up there or how he was going to get down.


Mule Deer

Denver has an upscale gym where hundreds of human limbs moving on a Saturday morning. It seemed to me that everyone was in a good mood even before they stopped at the gym’s café for coffee and breakfast. I also met some great baristas later in the afternoon. Before the snow hit, I got to hear the acoustics and feel the sacred space of the cathedral.

Denver espresso

Colorado coffee

Denver snow

Colorado Cathedral

This morning, I received a text from Malcolm that read:

On the road to Cortez and Prescott.

One more lunch text:

Tasty lunch en plein air. You can see the bird I accidentally disturbed. She was chirping and flying around me until I found her nest and stepped away.

Lunch en plein air



And so, the clock is ticking. Tic toc to Prescott!

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