Mondays On the Move: The sun will come again

For this episode of “Mondays On the Move,” Sarah and I chose a beautiful gazebo in the Parc Royal in the center of Brussels. The acoustics were great, all echo-y (that’s a word, right?) and spacious as we lifted our voices in song beneath the high dome ceiling of the structure. If this were not the middle of a pandemic, it would be a fantastic spot to invite people to come and sit on a chair or pillow for an outdoor concert.

This Monday’s song was one we wrote with an asylum seeker from Palestine. She had left Palestine with her young daughter, not knowing if or when they might be reunited with her husband. This song expresses the longing she felt for her beloved and also her hope for a better life in Belgium. At the time we wrote the song, her husband had just joined her at Petit-Cháteau. Since then, they have had a second child and been granted asylum.

[About] The sun will come again

[Singing] The sun will come again

To learn more about our migration songs, visit: Migration Songs

Stay tuned for next week, when Sarah and I will meet along the Belgium-France border!

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