How to experience Story-to-Song

Every person has a lifetime of stories to share, and it is the role of the songwriting guide to help lift that story into song.

There are several ways to experience songwriting in the Story-to-Song method:

For individuals

I am available to offer songwriting classes in person or from a distance. I will help you to build confidence in your creative capacity, to share your voice, and to embrace yourself as a musician and artist

Oral history

Story-to-Song is an effective and beautiful way to create music from family stories. This music can be shared with present and future generations.

For groups, colleagues, and teams

Songwriting can be a powerful way to build solidarity and community for your friends, family, colleagues, and beyond. I offer workshops to bring people together for the common purpose of creating music.

A unique gift

Order a custom song from your own story or as a gift for a friend or loved one. I am available to work in person (if you are local to Brussels), and I offer songwriting sessions via telephone conference call, Skype, and Google Hangout.

Workshops, Presentations, Conferences

I travel to many places to lead songwriting workshops. At these workshops,  a volunteer from the audience offers a story, and we work together to compose their song. I also offer workshops where the audience works collaboratively as a group to write a song on a chosen theme. I also offer presentations on the connections between sustainability and songwriting, music and mindfulness, the creative process, music and movement, and beyond.

Creative Arts and Music

Every person experiences the creative process in a unique way, and I have worked with many different people to combine songwriting with other forms of expression, including visual arts, creative writing, breath work, meditation, and yoga.


There is no typical songwriting experience, and I would love to help create one that works for you.

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