What’s in a song?

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What makes a song a song?

If a child is sitting in the bathtub singing away, is that a song? One of my favorite Pete Seeger songs is one of this very kind.

Malcolm’s idea of a song:

To me, a song is something that when you start to sing you are carried by each line into the next line so that you have that sensation of beginning, passing through, and finishing a musical and physical experience.

Marieke’s idea of a song:

A song is a living thing that comes from within. For me, it is part of a voice that is deep inside. When that voice comes out, it brings with it an intense amount of emotion and meaning in a story, whether that story belongs to me or someone else. The moment it leaves my lips and enters the atmosphere, it is a song. It takes on a life of its own, changing and taking shape in ways that continue to surprise me. For me, a song is an endeavor of love. It is a creation from my own voice, and it is also a mysterious gift that reveals itself to me in unexpected, frustrating, and beautiful ways.

What is your definition of song? Send your ideas this way, and we will share them!

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