You can uke!

Seriously, you can!

One of the wonderful things about the ukulele is that it is so very inviting. It is small and non-threatening and seems to be saying, “Go ahead. Pick me up! You know you want to. Check out my soft nylon strings. You won’t get callouses from these babies!”

Who can say no to that? Four simple strings- G, C, E, A. Soft to the touch. Simple chords to learn. Why go back to a cumbersome guitar with six harsh, steel strings? The ukulele is so very portable and easy to fall in love with. Once you start to play, you will never want to stop!

Just because falling in love happens quickly doesn’t mean that you can shirk your commitment responsibilities to the relationship. Ukes thrive on being played and loved. And the more your play, the better you will get. It happens with intention, and it can happen quickly. Trust me!

I recommend starting small. I find that if I commit a small amount of time each day or a few times a week to any skill set or project I want to complete, I feel like I have really accomplished something after every session. So, try playing around for 10 minutes. Practice strumming a few chords. Twinkle around with notes on the four, gloriously light and fluffy strings.

Stay tuned for tutorials in writing and video. Share your deepest ukulele desires- songs you want to play, strumming patterns, how to figure the key of a song and which notes are which on the fretboard.

The secrets of the ukulele can be yours, and they will be with just a small investment of your time and attention each week.

You truly can uke, and it is my desire and intention to help in any way that I can!

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