An unexpected meeting

I have never been one to rely too heavily on ideas like destiny or fate, but discovering the ukulele may very well be one of those indescribable phenomena that shapes our lives ever after.

I was attending a writing workshop in Eastern Oregon when the fateful moment occurred. Two musicians, Kate Power and Steve Einhorn, were leading a “Uke and Sing” workshop. On a whim, I decided to attend.

I guess that is how destiny could work. They handed out half size ukuleles from a large rubbermaid tupperware container. I held that tiny instrument to my chest, and it was love. A perfect fit.

I grew up with the girlish fancy that I would one day meet my soulmate. Though I am not one to spend much time “inside the box,” I will admit that I imagined it would be some form of prince charming of the male persuasion.

Life has a funny way of sending surprises when least expected, and my meeting the ukulele was certainly one of those moments.

Steve recommended a tenor ukulele and the company Mya-Moe, so I placed an order. Not an inexpensive investment, but I believe that the better the instrument the more you will want to play. This worked for me with the ukulele.

And so began a romance that continues today, the love affair of my early thirties and one that I hope will endure for many years to come.


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  1. Biocadence says:

    Sweetly written. I love the picture… It says precisely what you describe.

    1. mslovin says:

      Thank you!! I really do love my ukulele and sharing stories in song. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. /Lovely tale & photo.
    Happy strumming!

  3. Enjoying this very much and very much looking forward to all your future posts. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

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