Pushing the proverbial envelope

Brew'd 10-22-13 Gig-Rachel Napear Photography(2)I made a pact with my songwriting, artist self to try to do something important and meaningful each week with regard to music. I envisioned that this would be help me to stay on task in following my calling and creating the space in the universe and in my life to pursue a career as a musician.

This pact has meant that I have had to put myself out my comfort zone on many occasions—busking, performing at open mics at local bars, and staying up late! Each time I push beyond my comfort zone, I have been richly rewarded.

Moments of performance are those that keep my spirits above ground and my mind and body grounded while living in an urban setting far away from my life partner. I often begin on the edge, nervous, or anxiety-riddled, wondering if anyone is listening. With each performance, I grow more confident, comfortable, and conscious of my own self and spirit.

Open mic at the Back Page has been the most rewarding of all. I have met an entire community of musicians and those who appreciate and support local music. From this weekly gathering, I have found a place among mill city misfits and made connections with artists, therapists, songwriters, photographers, and people with stories to tell.

Brew'd 10-22-13 Gig-Rachel Napear Photography copyJust this past week, I performed at Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus in downtown Lowell and met wonderful spirits—a photographer who shared beautiful images she had taken, a fellow who filmed my performance and stayed for the full two hours of music, and many others who listened and clapped and expressed gratitude for my presence. What more could a musician hope for? This musician was thankful for the experience.

These past few weeks, I have written and performed original music on several occasions and met remarkable Lowell folk. I vow to bring my self and my music out into the world as much as possible in the weeks to come.

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