Come see about me

RLN_0108Who is marieke slovin, and what is Story-to-Song?

I am marieke. I am a woman in my early thirties searching for a way to bring the stories of everyday life into songs.

I am small in stature and big in personality.

My spirit, like my hair, is fiery and wild.

I am an artist. I collect those things that have been cast aside and find a way to give them new meaning.

I am a musician and songwriter. I collect stories of my own and the many people whose paths I have crossed over the past few years and listen for the songs within these stories to reveal themselves.

When I compose music, I use a method of songwriting called Story-to-Song (STS). STS is a way to breathe musical life into a story. Story words become lyrics; emotion and meaning guide the musical key and melody; rhythm and cadence of voice become tempo and groove.

I am a person in transition, trying to find my way in this strange world.

I have found my passion in art and music. Now, I am working to pursue this passion in mind, body, and being.

I may be like you.

Are you like me?

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