Inner voice, I hear you

I am thankful to have found a handful of people who saw me as an artist, a musician, and a songwriter and who patiently helped me begin to believe in my self as all of these identities, to learn to listen and hear my inner creative voice, and to find value and beauty in what I was hearing.

It is not easy for me to see my own being as beautiful. I have an inner creative voice that grows stronger and louder and more insistent on being heard with practice and learned awareness and listening skills, but I also possess a fairly powerful inner critic.

It has been immensely valuable for me to have a creative outlet to reflect, explore, and work through some messy stuff these past few years. Without writing and music, I might have kept it bottled up inside, which is counter to my intention for creating a more sustainable life.

I have come to believe that we are each artists. We each possess a beautiful, inner creative voice. It is my desire to hear as many of those voices in my lifetime as possible and help bring the stories from within each person into song for others to hear. I want to help people rediscover their inner artist and to experience the transformative and healing power of the creative process.

Pursuing a life path in response to my deepest passions and desires can feel hopeless at times. But I do not believe there is any other path for me, at least not in this lifetime.

I have not figured out how to devote my energy to story and song full-time as yet, but I have to believe that I will find a way.

I hope you are listening to your own inner voice and finding a way to follow its advice as well.


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