Two steps forward

There was a Paula Abdul song that was particularly popular when I was growing up. The chorus went something like, “Two steps forward; two steps back. We go together cuz opposites attract.” And so on, and so forth.

Thinking on these lines now, I find myself puzzled. I thought the term was two steps forward, one step back. At this moment, it feels like I have taken many steps back.

I have been told by fellow entrepreneurs that there will be moments when I feel like a complete failure and am utterly overwhelmed by the path that lies ahead for creating a successful business. Well, failure and whelm have set in.

Malcolm and I have been gifted with the opportunity to meet with a mentor from the Sandbox (now EforAll) community, and his knowledge and generosity of time has been invaluable.

With this gift comes great responsibility and also reality.

We have begun breaking down our business into viable products and beginning to think about the sheer number of contacts we must make for our business to take off.

The enormity of the work we will have to do feels heavy.

I wish we had entrepreneurial elves who could take care of everything so that we can write music and create a happier, more beautiful world through songwriting.rumi quote

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