Mondays On the Move: I could be you

It’s the third week of our new “Mondays On the Move” series to promote freedom of movement for all people. Sarah and I have been choosing a different spot around Brussels, Belgium each Monday, where we share one of our migration songs with you.


The first Monday, we talked about the project and sang the song, “A wild idea” from Sarah’s garden in the Ganshoren neighborhood of Brussels.


The second Monday, we sang “I am a word” from the eye-catching roundabout in the commune of Boitsfort at the outer edge of the city.


This Monday, we bring you the song, “I could be you, You could be me” from the verdant, magical Forêt de Soignes (Sonian Wood). This is an ancient forest that has been around under various names since the Middle Ages. Being a bit of a wood nymph myself, I envision fairies taking up residence in particularly mystical spots around the woods near our home in Boitsfort. The forest is officially protected as part of a Unesco World Heritage Site.


This performance also features my big white husky, Atticus, who I named for Atticus Finch from the book, To kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee in the hopes of bringing into my life the gentle energy from this much celebrated character, as well as his perspective that all people are equal and should be treated thus both on a personal level and in the justice system.


Voici, our video! To jump to the singing, scroll to 1:31.


To learn more about the writing of this song and to see videos and photos, visit: I could be you

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  1. What a wonderful song! 😍🎶

    1. Thank you SO much!! We are so happy to sing for you! 🙂 ❤

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