Mondays On the Move: I am the change

For our fourth installment of our new “Mondays On the Move” project to promote freedom of movement for all people, Sarah and I share a song we wrote with an asylum seeker from Gaza, who we met at the Fedasil Arrival Centre in 2017. With him, we wrote many songs. This song is called “I am the change,” and it follows his story of deciding to create a new life in Belgium and the challenges he met along the way.


We chose to stand in front of Belgian Parliament because it is a place in Brussels where change happens. We sing from the Royal Park, the very first public park in Brussels. Belgian Parliament is behind us with the Belgian flag on the left and the European Union flag on the right. The Royal Palace on the other side of the park. It is an auspicious spot in Brussels, to be sure.


We even found a sweet little outdoor café where we drank refreshing tea and lemonade and the bees kept us company.


To read more about the writing of the song, visit: I am the change


[About] I am the change


[Singing] I am the change


To learn about our migration songs project, visit: Migration Songs

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