Mondays On the Move: Let me be free

It’s Monday and time for another “Mondays On the Move!” This week, Sarah and I quite literally on the move in different corners of the same country. Sarah is on holiday in the south of France with her family. I have been driving around the northern Nord-Pas-de-Calais region with my husband and our big white husky, Atticus.


We recorded this video of us singing our migration song, “Let me be free” a couple of weeks ago on my back terrace in Boitsfort on the southeast corner of Brussels, Belgium. The weather has turned cooler now, but it was still piping hot on that day. Today, Atticus the dog was wishing for freedom from the car!



We wrote this song with four people from Armenia. One person wrote the words, “Let the smile always be free from nationality.” This seemingly simple yet so very complex phrase inspired the arc of the melody and tenor of the song.


To read more about the writing of this song, visit: Let me be free


To learn about our migration songs project, visit: Migration Songs

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