Symbiosis and Songwriting

December 17, 2013 - Marieke Slovin - 015

A story.

It has meaning, layers of meaning.

It has a face, depth, and personality.

It has a life.

A song from a story is all these elements with the added dimension of music and the heart, soul, and spirit of a life.

This morning, a friend from my childhood came to Lowell. In his adult life, he has since become a gifted photographer.

This morning, my friend gave me a number of gifts. Tangible gifts included beautiful photographs taken in my home in Lowell.

The less tangible included a hug from an old friend, reminders of another part of my life, and perspective.

Space has beauty, yet it takes on a different dimension when you add a living, breathing being into it.

Take these two photos of my apartment.


December 17, 2013 - Marieke Slovin - 002

A song can be similar. There is a story and beauty in the melody, yet there is a deeper soul to the song when you are introduced to the person behind the words.

There are many people who have helped me to create a foundation for my career as a songwriter.

There are many people behind the songs that I write.

I would like to share these individuals with you.

I will.

To see more beautiful images by my friend, Doug Levy, visit his two websites:

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