Examples of Story-to-Song(s)

To try to shed a little more musical light on Story-to-Song, which I typically refer to in short as STS, I thought I would share a few examples of different kinds of StorytoSong(s) that I have written.

Example #1: A short song I wrote with a friend when I was learning how to write a song in 20 minutes from a short story. She was feeling low because she had a crush on a guy and couldn’t tell if he reciprocated her feelings. The song was written collaboratively with me as composing guide. The song came to be called “Pick A Side.”

Example #2: A longer song written in about 7 hours. I interviewed the participant for 2 hours and captured 9 pages of single-spaced text. From there, I composed the song.

Example #3: Here is a series of videos from an STS demonstration my co-founder and I offered during our Dissertation Presentation at Prescott College this past spring.
Watche Video #11-19
Example #4: A very short teaser (like music you find at the beginning of a television show) that I wrote for a project that was going to be a television show about Lowell with the LTC. Didn’t end up happening. I called the teaser “Oh City.”
Thank you all for your encouragement and support!
Marieke & Malcolm

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