What now?

The Sandbox may be over, but my work as a startup entrepreneur is just beginning. The past three months feel like a surreal, frenetic blur. They were very real and quite invaluable. I took an abstract idea and found a way to turn it into a viable business with tangible products. I even worked with my first few customers, who helped me to shape the suite of products I offer.

What happens now?

Now, I have to continue growing my business and put into practice the knowledge I gained from the Sandbox.

I need to create my next set of goals and accomplish them.

I need to continue learning from potential customers and from the members of my Sandbox community and beyond.

One of my goals is to pitch my business at the MassInnovation Night event that will be held at the Merrimack Valley Sandbox office in Lowell on April 9th. To be able to pitch my business, I need your help. Please follow this link to learn about the event and vote for Story to Song to help me reach my goal.


This link takes you directly to where you can vote! Four of the ten companies will have the chance to share their business story and product line.


Thank you for helping me to get this far through your support and encouragement.

I will not let you down!


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